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Silently Trembling

Living in the Bipolar World

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Hi, my name is Agatha, and I am the moderator of Silent Tremble. This community is a sanctuary for any and all of you who have in the past or do now deal with depression. For so many people suffering from depression of all types, the answer is to write about it. But the world is filled with so many people that do not understand it is not always easy to open yourself up to people about how you feel, fearing rejection, persecution, and criticism.

Personally, I'm often hesitent to write about how I feel in my livejournal. I know that there are a lot of people that would sooner tell me to stop whining than consider that I'm Bipolar and can not just "snap out of it". I know from experience.

You're welcome to join and write about anything that you are feeling. Don't be afraid to say it, whatever it might be. Chances are that the majority of us have been through the exact same thing or something very similar, and we will never judge you for the way you feel. If you ever need help, of any kind... an encouraging word, information about therapy, mental disorders, treatment (medication), and anything else related to depression, or even a reason to keep going, do not hesitate to ask.

*hugs* Feel as at home here as you like, and enjoy the community. :)

There are very few rules, and they should be easy to follow:

1. Obvious trolls will be removed from the community, after being given one chance to prove themselves a non-troll. I will NOT stand for anyone coming into the community to have some fun at the expense of others.

2. Be respectful and considerate. Do not judge unfairly. Everyone is entitled to feel the way they do and have an opinion. If for some reason someone is being harsh and unreasonable and cruel in stating their feelings or opinions, you are to ignore them and let me deal with it myself. Feel free to email me at my posted email address, if you feel you need to make me aware of something that is offensive to you or anyone else.

Rules may be added or altered, as a need is realized for it.

Please consider the lj-cut tag for extremely long posts. For instance, you could post the first paragraph, and then place the rest behind an lj-cut. To use lj-cut, you place < lj-cut> at the beginning of your text (no space between < and lj-cut), and then < /lj-cut> at the end of the text (again, no space).