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Before I knew I was Bipolar, I used to explain to myself the way that I acted, by saying that I was born under the sign of Gemini and therefore I could not help that I was happy one moment and sad the next. It was never scientific or a certain answer to me, but somehow pretending that the answer lay there helped me to feel better. I wasn't a horrible person. I was a Gemini, just like any other. Everyone knows that Gemini's have two faces, like night and day, happiness and sadness. It was all I had to hold onto when I was told by so many people as I grew up that I acted the way I wanted to because I was "bad", and that I didn't try hard enough in school because I was lazy.

To this day, I still hold onto it to a certain degree. There are still those I come across in life that do not understand. They do not accept that I was professionally diagnosed. They do not care that it is a widely accepted mental disorder. They havn't even really tried to understand the disorder or my experiences with it because it is easier for them to assume. And it is then that I latch onto what has always given me hope; the knowledge that I am a person like any other who was given an unfortunate struggle in her life and became stronger because of it. It has made me strong and able to overcome any ignorance that comes my way.

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